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They helped reduce my underpayment tax bill from $14,959.00 down to $1,048.00 in September 2017. I couldn't believe it.

That says it all. Count on them.

Dale Kialli, Professional Driver, Bronx, NY

I have used Ando Accountants for the last seven years. I have three sources of income – one from my full time job, one from my rental property, and I have a small business I am trying to get off the ground. My tax professional pointed out ways I can reduce taxes and boost my income in legitimately creative ways. They are available all year round to answer my questions and help me plan for the next tax year. I am very pleased with the service and professionalism.

                       Tim Meerner, Brooklyn, NY

My experience with Ando Accountants has always been professional and efficient. I value the fact that time is always taken to ensure that I understand what is happening throughout the filing of my taxes. The staff is patient and willing to explain all my options during the tax preparation process, ensuring that I receive the maximum tax refund. I highly recommend using Ando Accountants' services if you are looking for professional tax preparation and quality customer service.

                          Sharee Robson, Bronx, NY

I must admit, I have never really understood what was going on with my taxes. This was the first time that somebody asked me questions and thoroughly explained everything to me before I signed. Thank you for the exceptional service!

                                    Rob Ericson, NY, NY

Thanks for the advise and tax planning. I don't have to pay through the nose just because I earn a living as a professional driver anymore. I've been telling all the Uber, GETT, Lyft, Yellow, Black, and Livery drivers I meet.

              T.S. Morgan, Limo Driver, NYC

This is my second year with Ando Accountants and I still can’t believe how much refund I am getting back! Before I started coming to them, I had been doing my taxes on my own and not getting much back. The first year I came in, they did not only filed my taxes but reviewed and amended my 3 prior years and got me more money back for each year. I couldn’t believe it. I am extremely happy with all the services they provide and will definitely be a client for life!

                        Victoria Lopez, Bronx, NY

I have been working with Ando Accountants for about 8 years now and continue to recommend their services to friends and family. I moved to California a few years ago and was a little nervous about being an out of state client. Yet to my surprise, I am beyond amazed at how easy they have made this process for me. No matter how complex your taxes are: 1099, amendments, write offs, etc. – Ando Accountants can do it. The whole process was  quick and painless.

Whether you are out of state or around the corner, I highly recommend Ando Accountants. They are not only knowledgeable but also timely, extremely thorough and professional.

                  Crystal Crisolli, Charlotte, NC

Office Address:

64 Metropolitan Oval, Suite 14

Bronx, NY 10462

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I just want to thank you for taking care of the 3-year penalty my Not-for-Profit organization was facing. We are working hard to fulfil our mission. We didn't know about 990 or 990EZ, or CHAR500. Thanks for saving us over $10,000 in penalty payment.

         Natalie Jennings, New Rochelle, NY


My taxes were filed on March 2nd and as of today March 7th I ALREADY received my federal tax refund. WOW I am so happy, I am not sure if this was FEDEX and UPS combined…lol. Just wanted to say THANK YOU. You guys are the BEST ever.

                        Asheed Boyada, Queens, NY

As an independent contractor my books were a mess when I came to you. I was referred by a yellow cab driver friend who raved about your outstanding service. I am so thankful for all your help. You have really helped me understand where money is going and how my business can be more profitable.

                   Stephanie Martinez, Bronx, NY

I have been a client of Ando Accountants for several years and can confidently say that they have always been able to provide me with ‘top notch’ results!

                             Sophie Knight, Union, NJ

I drive, drive, and drive some more but when the 1099-K comes, I'm scared to know how much I owed to the feds and the NY State. You answered all my questions and made sure that no detail was overlooked. I have never gotten so much money back. You guys are the greatest!

                  Wayne Stawlic, Bronx, NY

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Phone: 718-880-9668

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